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Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association


Pakistan Readymade Garment Technical Training Institute (PRGTTI) was established in the year 1997, with a mission to offer practices of management through training programs that makes meaningful contribution towards the global industry development.

Since its inception in the training industry, the institute has built rapport in the market for its quality training programs

PRGTTI understands the importance of training in both, practical and theoretical knowledge and has successfully designed short course programs, which are aimed at training all sectors of the garment industry



  •   To encourage equal training opportunities for the textile sector of the industry
  •   To enhance existing skills through professionally designed training courses.
  •   To develop self-confidence and to enhance job opportunities for trainees.


PRGTTI is committed to excellence in the development of highly trained individuals through specifically designed professional courses, to meet the human resource requirements of the garment industry.

At PRGTTI our commitment is to continuously update, improve and maintain quality training for all levels of management and skilled manpower of the garment industry, for personal and industrial growth & development. PRGTTI aims to ensure equality to all students.



  •   For a scholarship, the candidate shall apply on the prescribed application form along with complete documentation and a written request explaining the circumstances to be eligible for scholarship
  •   Scholarships are available only if offered from the industry. Scholarship cannot be claimed as a matter of right, it shall be entirely at the discretion of the competent authority to grant, refuse, revoke or postpone any scholarship applied for by a student
  •   Upon approval of the scholarship, the student is informed and is required to pay the remaining fee
  •   The authority for the approval / grant of scholarship shall be the “scholarship Committee”
  •   The scholarship awarded to a candidate lapses if at any stage of the course the attendance of the candidate falls below 80 %
  •   The scholarship awarded to a candidate also lapses if the student avails less then 75% marks in the examination.


  •   All admission are advertised at least two months before the commencement of classes through national daily news papers and any other appropriate means of advertisement
  •   Admission shall be applied on the prescribed application from along with a prospectus available at the PRGTTI – Campus.
  •   The application shall be duly filled and signed by the candidate. Requisite photocopies namely: Educational Testimonial (s), Experience Certificate (s) and NIC Along with two photographs shall be attached with the application from. In case of a company nomination, a nomination letter from the company shall also be attached.
  •   The application for admission in any course of a batch shall be received till the available seats are filled or otherwise up to 7 days of the commencement of classes. Application received after 7 days of the commencement of classes, shall be considered for the next batch
  •   Commencement of each course is subject to number of admission.
  •   Admissions shall be allowed after all applications are scrutinized and verified. The Institute reserves the right to deny admission to anyone without declaring any reason whatsoever
  •   The candidates shall be given a written test or an interview or both for some of the courses. The objective of the test is to access the aptitude of a candidate for a course opted for.


  •   The Institute reserves right to revise fees of course (s) without any prior notice
  •   All candidates are required to get themselves registered with a one time Payment of registration fees valid for that particular course
  •   The fees shall be paid within due dates, If not paid within maximum of 7 days after the due date, the student will not be allowed to take classes, and will be re-admitted upon the payment of the balance installment along with a fine of Rs. 500/- After 7 days of the notice, the student will only be re-admitted on payment of full fees of the course.
  •   If a student through a written application withdraws his/her admission before the commencement of classes, full fee amount shall be refunded upon producing the payment receipt.
  •   If a student admitted in a course (s) on either self financed basis or industry nomination, through a written application, withdraws admission within 7 days after the commencement of the classes, 50 % of the tuition fees shall be retained and remaining will be refunded after 7 days of the candidate upon producing the payment receipt. There shall no refund after 7 days of the commencement of the classes


  •   A student is only allowed to avail maximum of 3 consecutive leaves at one time with a prior request through a written application or email. In case of a real emergency, the institute office could be informed on telephone backed by an application
  •   The name of the student, availing more than 3 consecutive leaves will be struck off unless a proper medical certificate or an employer, s certificate is produced mentioning the reason for the leaves


  •   Fails to comply with the rules and regulation of the institute.
  •   Fails to comply with correct information to the institute
  •   Fails to deliver any of the directives issued by the management of the institute
  •   Involves himself/ herself in such activities, which cause damage to the image of the institute
  •   Uses unfair means in an examination
  •   Found indulging in under – hand dealing with any official or officials of the institute.
  •   In the event of any misconduct or breach of any regulations by a registered student the institute. May, if it is satisfied after such investigation as it may deem necessary, and after giving an opportunity of being heard, suspend or cancel the registration of the student.
  •   Registration of a student shall be cancelled and all fees paid shall be forfeited if educational documents are found fake at any later stage
  •   The students are required to observe discipline at all times
  •   The students will not be all wed to invite any guest in the institute without prior written approval of the principal
  •   The students are forbidden from indulging in any political activity in the campus. Necessary punitive action will be taken against those who are found to be involved in such activities.
  •   It is mandatory for all students to remain in the premises of the institute during the study hours
  •   Unauthorized absence from the class will be considered a serious break of conduct resulting in strict disciplinary action. In case of illness, students will be required to submit medical certificate from the registered medical practitioner, countersigned by designated physician
  •   Any damage caused to the property of the Institute including laboratory equipment, machinery, computers, printers, furniture & fixtures, library books or any other thing in the premises will be determined by the appropriate authority
  •   All the student must be in possession valid I.D. Cards issued by the institute otherwise they would be stopped from entering the centre
  •   The student who does not have the valid Identity Card will not be allowed to appear in the examination
  •   Chalking is strictly prohibited and necessary action will be taken against those students who are found indulged in chalking the premises.
  •   Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Center’s premises
  •   All the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will be arranged with the due approval of the principal
  •   The student found misbehaving with any faculty member or the administrative staff will be dealt with as per disciplinary rules of PRGTTI-Karachi.
  •   The student will be required to maintain need and clean dressing
  •   The Institute’s authority reserves the right to amend, change or modify these rules at any time without giving any prior notice.